Zen Warrior Armory - SCA and Theatrical Rapier Gear

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Zen Warrior Armory - SCA and Theatrical Rapier Gear


Zen Warrior provides a complete line of weapons, fencing armor, and fencing protection equipment for both heavy and light weapon fighters. We supply the finest stainless steel and leather protection for SCA heavy combat at prices normally associated with carbon steel production. We cater to SCA, Classic Fencing, and Theatrical Groups. We are committed to providing quality fencing products at an affordable price to our customers, who value combat quality historical weapons and armor. We have been supplying quality fencing equipment to the accomplished fencer as well as the beginner since 1977.

Zen Warrior enjoys working with SCA, Classic Fencing, and Theatrical Groups and will be glad to help supply you with your needs on the field or for your next production.

All equipment listed here is, TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE,  SCA legal unless specifically noted otherwise. As individual kingdoms may further restrict the SCA minimums, we strongly suggest that you check with your kingdom marshal before you purchase.

Please enjoy your visit while browsing Zen Warrior!

Zen Warrior Armory
331 Standard Street
Elkin, North Carolina 28621

Zen Warrior Armory's PDF catalog is now available for download!

Click here to download a copy to your PC.


CTH1 Stainless Rapier Helmet
CTH1 Stainless Rapier Helmet
$325.00 $295.00

Italian Classic Fencing Foil
Italian Classic Fencing Foil

Cut and Thrust Hard Shell Hood
Cut and Thrust Hard Shell Hood

MF-1 Mensur Saber
MF-1 Mensur Saber

Soft Torso Armor
Soft Torso Armor

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